How to move the root part

So I am trying to make a zombie like thing:

It is rigged (I think):

And it imports nicely to Roblox, I also combined it with some animations from Mixamo and a modified version of the Roblox NPC kit. Here is a video:

robloxapp-20230618-1116441.wmv (2.9 MB)

The problem is seen at the end of the video where the zombie gets stuck on the spawn location, it can’t step over it. Through some experimentation, I can get it to step over, but only if I raise the hip height. But the problem with that is it begins to float whenever I do it: (Sorry if it’s hard to see)


Now this totally makes sense, if I make his hips higher, his legs are supposed to be longer. But the problem is the game thinks his hips are at his feet because that’s where the root part is, so his hip hight needs to be 0.00001. But then he can’t step over stuff if it is that low. Sorry, I explained it kind of weird, but I hope you get what I mean.

Basically, I need to move the humanoid root part which is currently located here:

Now I am really bad at blender so can someone tell me how to change the position of the root part. Forgive me if half the stuff I said was wrong, I have no clue what I’m talking about.

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Never mind, I fixed it by deleting the Motor6D’s in the rig, moving the root part, and then re-making them.

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