How to Not show White Grid Line with New beta

Hey developers. I was looking at the new beta’s and I saw the new controls & tools.

I am wondering if I can toggle this:

When I am selecting things, or just hovering over workspace objects, this grid system appears. How can I toggle this off intop having roblox’s “old” selection of just a blue outline…

Any help is much appreciated!


Btw this is when I’m hovering over objects and not just selection… and this is really annoying…

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i dont think u can its burned into studio afaik


Just turn of the beta feature.
Go to file → Beta Featues → Dragger QoL Improvements and make sure its off.


I am aware of this choice; I like most of these improvements,

I thought this was togglable because of their example videos:

From the announcement of this Beta they show many videos like this:

While this shows a different features, when they hover the part to pick it up, Its just the blue highlight, unlike what I’m experiencing in the above video, where even when I hover over parts, a grid like system is shown.

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Maybe they will add it in the future?


The ruler doesn’t show up when you have grid snapping turned off, that’s what you see in the video.

And yes, we’ll be including a setting for the ruler (and many other things) later in the beta, but there isn’t one yet.

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Then add one quickly!! I want to use this but the annoying useless grid is just :sob:

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