How to optimize hinges?

OR what I just realised myabe ragdoll can be used? Will ragdoll be laggy too tho?

Ye that’s what I mean by that, mhh… then I’d say change the hinge pattern. For exemple instead lf making 1ring 1hinge etc… do 3ring, one hinge and so… at least it’ll reduce a bit lags.

And yes ragdoll might be the same…

alr. Do you know after which amount the lag usually starts? 20 hinges? 10 hinges?

No idea. It all depends on if the server is busy or not. If the game have multiple task to do then it’ll lag a lot more than if the game have no background script or other moving parts.

well it is a 1 player game. There are other tasks to do in it, but they are not happening while you do this puzzle

Its not something that you can optimise, and its not something you SHOULD optimise. Even with roblox’s builtin psysics calculator, it should handle hundreds of mechanical constrains running on the client, and possible thousands with Nvidia PhysX.


Then you will be alright. One player by server help optimizing to the best. Anyway, I can’t really help you any further sadly. If you have additional questions feel free to ask them.

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what is Nvidia PhysX? And why shouldn’t I optimize it?

Modern CPUs and GPUs, even mobile ones, can calculate psysics for hundreds of bodies in real time with zero performance panelty.

But of course, since roblox doesn’t give you access to the engine internals, you cannot optimise anything.


Of course they can, I can’t argue with that, still hoped there is some sort of way to better the laggines. My friends deal with it for example :(( Also do you know if mover constraints are more performent then mechenical constraints?

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i think you should for starters set the network ownership to the client for all the chain pieces to make sure that theres as little network lag as possible. (this would work fine since its single player as youve mentioned)

in terms of performance, make sure each chain piece is set to box collision fidelity, and has can touch, enableaeroforces and canquery all disabled.

if you wana go even further you could even reduce the number of joints by having one hinge per two or more joints.

you should also try to use as few hinges as possible in one assembly such as the chain, since you realistically dont need that many.

also might help trying to use ball socket constraints instead? idk.

It would be indifferent, on client they’re not heavy unlike the server who only accepts 60 fps

yes it would be more performance intensive for the client when the client has the network ownership.

I never specified anything about them having Network ownership, I said make them client-sided

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For the chain parts themselves I have en even more performent method. Everything else I will try to do. My new idea is, that whenever the camera is out of sight of a certain part of the chain, the chain parts anchor is set to true, once camera is insight again it will be set to false. And ofc adding collision groups. Are these logical to do?

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if not through the networkownership, then how else?

Make them Client-Sided
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you shouldnt try to optimise roblox physics yourself, since chances are you anchoring and unanchoring would cause worse performance.

if you would like to dm, or post a file with the chain i could try optimise it for you.

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that would be awesome! I will create a final chain tmr and optimizing it as much as I can. If there is more stuff you will find how to optimize it will be super helpfull, will dm you it