How to optimize hinges?

I think you should just try it first, rather than trying to fix something that may not even be an issue for you.
1 player, 20 hinges, I’m willing to bet will have almost no lag.

@LaAeroooo BallSockets wouldn’t help the lag issue at all. Since it’s a 2D game I’m guessing they don’t want the chain twisting around making it look 3D.

the reason i mentioned using ballsocket constraints is since they are less likely to get tangled/CAN work better for chains/hoses in some cases, but its all situational and you are right.

we tested it out on multiple pc’s and laptops. The good pc’s ofc had no issues, the slower ones had little to some lag. The real issue started for the laptops and I can imgine mobile won’t get the better end

I used to play my Suspension Test place (I’m guessing around 200 constraints with tank tread vehicles and many other Constraint vehicles) and had no issues with my 10 year old PC.

thats cool, not the case for all unfotunately

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