How to play a keyframesequence as an animation for scripting without using animation ids

I need help doing this I’m struggling because im only limited to my games when using animation id’s in scripts. I develop some games on groups and then I have to upload animations on that group, is there a way to play keyframesequences instead of animations?

Search the forum before posting and search the developer hub for simple API questions:

To be clear, you can’t use them in a live game without uploading. But you can test and develop and then just upload it once to the group rather than uploading it to your personal account too.

i saw that i didnt know if i could use it in every game or use it when out of studio

Correct you can’t - I just updated my reply for clarity. The developer hub page has all the answers and info. You can do localised testing so you don’t need to upload it to your account as well as the group while developing.

It states clearly that it can’t be used outside of Studio.

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Extremely late, but I think this is what you need.

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