How to prevent shirt/pants glitching?

Note: This still happens when other players have a shirt on.

As everyone can see (you have to watch the full video), my character’s shirt and pants are put on the other player.

From the other account’s perspective (Hydroformylation) my clothes are randomly dissapearing, so it seems that the issue is client-side (since it’s different between clients). How do I fix this? All the rainbow effect does is change the Color3 value constantly.

How can I prevent this so that the characters look normal?

Edit: Turns out this also affects pants. Title changed.

Edit 2: I just played my game with a couple people. Turns out that this glitch is worse with more people. Absolutely no clue what could be causing this.


Can you make a repro file to make it easier for us to help you out?

Sorry if it sounds dumb, but what’s a repro file?

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Its basically a reproduced roblox place/model of your problems where the issue still consists.

Alright, just don’t copy my code though. (I’m planning on publishing it later once everything is patched).
taken down file since problem was solved

Have you tried different shirt or pants? I’m not getting the same results as you are. image

Try deleting the shirt of one of the players, and try deleting the pants of the other. It doesn’t work if they have the exact same outfit

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I was able to produce the same results with you
After doing some experimenting, changing the wait(0.01) to wait(0.5) did not make this issue at all. Obviously the loop is slower but the important thing that it you know now the issue was the speed:

Happily and luckily, I recall seeing a thread about changing properties of a part too fast which is most likely what your issue is:

To prove that this is the reason for this is the speed, this is done by Heartbeat under RunService: