How to query Catalog API for a list of gears?

I’m not quite sure how to do this, and the example that is provided on Roblox’s help page about this doesn’t seem to work anymore. I want to grab a list of gears of the catalog but I don’t know how to format the URL correctly for gears. Everything else is working perfectly fine.

I think Roblox forgot to replace v1 with v2(?)
Just replace the v1 in the URL to v2, it should work like the following:

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That was a good idea, but it didn’t work unfortunately. It lists off bundles now and other miscellaneous items, and it seems to be ignoring the category and subcategories that I put into the link. Maybe v2 needs different parameters?

Hey, I was wrong in the last response (maybe).
You would have to specify the main category like this to get gear items:

More info:

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It looks like that works! Thanks a lot.

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