How to reduce the delay in Badge Notifications?

Hello! To put it in short, I own a game that contains the most player badges on any current active Roblox game (2,400+ player badges).

Recently I have discovered and received complaints about the badge notifications popping up 2-3 minutes after actually coming into contact with the BadgeAwarder. Consequently, my game has not been performing as well as it used to (dropped from an average of 50 concurrent players a month ago, to <20). This is likely due to the delay, and assumption that the badges are not real. It is very disheartening for me, considering I have spent over :robux_light:240,000 to create the badges alone (not including advertisements, sponsoring, as well as commissions for assets in the game).

I understand that yes, games were not meant to support as many badges as my game contains, though I am wondering if:
a) There is any way to currently improve this and reduce the delay
b) Roblox will be looking into this issue and providing a fix / support for more badges

Being that I am also the owner of the largest badge-collecting community on Roblox with over 8,000 members and roughly 50 badge game creators, many members are concerned about this issue potentially arising in the future- should their game ever reach this amount of badges.


To be honest, I do not know. It may be the lag, too many badges, or Roblox cannot keep track of them. A player might be collecting a lot at once, so it is slowly going up because Roblox badges would not take up the whole screen… it should be fine, it still goes in the profile, right? Just the notification does not show.

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I recall that during a certain time period several years ago, player badges were not dependent on notifications (in fact, badge notifications were removed at one point). Upon the entire badge system being revamped in the previous year or two, it seems that they are now unfortunately reliant and do not appear in your inventories unless the notification appears.

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Oh, then maybe update the badges (what you stand on) with a new script? I’m really not too sure, I don’t make my badges when you touch it though. If that will not do it, it’s Roblox problem, there would be nothing you can do about it.

You can’t. The badge notification is handled internally so the arrival time is also up to when the CoreScripts deliver the notice. This is a product of having too many badges and awarding them en masse within a short period of time: this is not how Roblox badges were designed to be used. This you already acknowledge in the thread but I just want to reiterate that.

For the time being, you can disable badge notifications and create your own or find some way to convey to the player that the badges they collect are actually being given. Players will often rely on the notification to know when they get a badge, so how well that solution works is up to the players.

The badge notification relies on the notification core option, so any custom notifications using that SetCore option also experience this mass delay if they attempt to use it many times in a short time span. Therefore, any requests relating to the badge notification should be spoken of in terms of the notification core option, not the badge notification itself.

There’s no planned support as far as I know for making this function run faster or better or being able to support many notifications in a short time span. If you’d like for that to happen, you can file an Engine Feature Request in Platform Feedback about how notifications deliver too slowly and how this impedes your experience. That being said though, the likely response you’ll get back is that you should make your own notification system.

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I don’t think the issue lies within the BadgeAwarder, since it’s been working for ages with no change. It would be painstakingly difficult (not to mention time consuming) to restructure each and every single ‘BadgeAwarder’ model in the game. I was kind of hoping a moderator or staff member would see this and just make a general improvement to badges in general, unless there’s some sort of performance fix script that exists out there (not a scripter so I’ve got no clue).

Furthermore, some members within my group have claimed that they aren’t receiving any notifications for ‘Welcome’ badges, yet the badge still shows up in their inventory. Very mixed responses, but considering there are a wide scale of issues it’s safe to say that the player badge system needs to be checked at.

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You may be able to reduce the amount of badge calls you do by implementing a system that saves the value of which badges a player has received. Save this data table by data store and check that value before awarding a badge or checking if a player owns a badge using badge service itself. That may reduce the amount of calls going into the badge service, especially if you’re checking for which badges to award players frequently.

Here’s some more info on how to do that


@colbert2677 @TheAmazeman

Thank you very much to both of you for your detailed responses. For the time being, I shall look into creating my own notifications or perhaps implement that datastore system.

Regardless, I think it would be best if Roblox could find support for these sorts of games since mine is likely the first of many more to come. I will bring it up in Platform Feedback as well. Once again, thank you both, I actually hadn’t thought of those solutions before.