How to refine your "Obby" game!

Hey guys!

I wanted to come on here and give some tips to beginner developers about how to refine an Obby game that you have created. (Assuming you’ve actually created one.)

Coming from a player and developer I wanted to share some tricks to creating the perfect game that stands apart from the rest.

Tip One: Play Test
This tip is the most important in my opinion. Creating a course in the studio is quite different from playing it and the perspective is quite different. Make sure after creating a stage that you test it to make sure it is atleast possible to complete. Sometimes, you can tell when a stage hasn’t been play tested because it is simply impossible to finish.

Tip Two: Define which block is a kill block.
In quite a few games I have seen stages where you cannot tell which piece is going to kill you or not. A common texture to show which block is going to kill you is the Neon texture which you can change from the part in the properties viewer. This will greatly help players to understand and have fun.

Tip Three: Monetisation
You might be thinking, how do I monetize an Obby game? I’ll leave some general ideas here and the DOs and DONTs.

  • DONT add “Magic Rainbow Carpets” or “Golden Boomboxes” to every checkpoint of your game. This will create frustration and will cause people to leave.

  • DO create a “Skip Stage” button so people can skip an especially hard stage. Do NOT charge over 20 robux for this as you want it to be affordable and you will get more volume of purchases.

  • DO add cosmetic items as people love these, good examples of these are pets, trails, capes etc)

  • DO add coins into your game that can be obtained through reaching a checkpoint, for example 10 coins per checkpoint but also make them developer products you can sell.

  • DO add power ups that people can buy as a game pass, for example: Low Gravity, High Jump, Speed Boost etc) **Only do this if your Obby game is tower based for example “Tower of Hell” or “Climb Time” as power-ups can add huge advantages (so maybe make them timed for example 350 coins for 10 mins of power up boost)

Tip Four: GUIs
When you add GUIs make sure they are NOT in the bottom left corner of the screen as this interferes with the mobile analogue stick, you can test this out by joining your game on mobile and adjusting them as you see fit. Also, make your GUIs collapsible so they do not interfere with gameplay. You can add a stage counter too, but make it small and either put it at the bottom or the top of the screen. (Mobile is the most popular platform for Obby style games)

Tip Five: Create a theme
Instead of creating an Obby in the sky like most games, create rooms and a theme for example a “School” theme where stages are pencils or books instead of just jumping in the sky. Great theme examples are the Escape the [theme] games which are Obby games but with themes and create a world and environment instead of just jumping in the sky.

Themed games such as “Escape the…” have bad like to dislike ratios, however if you follow other advice I have given you shouldn’t have this issue :slight_smile:

Tip Five Part 2: Use the Toolbox!
Ignore what fellow developers say on this, I’m assuming you are a new developer but if not that is okay too! To create these themed worlds use the toolbox to find items around your themes. You can use these all you like as Roblox says you are powering imagination! However, do NOT take Obby stages and place them in your game, get creative and do it yourself. (It is much more rewarding.) Most importantly CREDIT the people who’s assets you use, it’s just good etiquette!

(You do not need to credit, however it would most likely be appreciated by the asset creator.)

Tip Six: Add Music
It’s so boring to join an Obby game to be greeting with silence and the footsteps of your avatar. Add some music and loop it, you can find some good music in the Toolbox to use. (Remember it has to be copyright free!) A good suggestion for a music catalogue is of course Kevin Macleod.

Tip Seven: Add Badges!
Badges add a sense of accomplishment and reward and if you can afford the fee then make them every five or ten stages, this will add a reward feeling and motivate the player to keep playing and also attract ‘badge collectors’ as obstacle course games are easy badges.

Tip Eight: Disable Shadows
Most people playing obby courses are on low end devices and disabling shadows in your game will greatly help those with such devices, you do not need to do this but it is just a suggestion!

Tip Nine: Checkpoints and Save Data
Please make sure your game has checkpoints (unless you do not want them) and make sure you save positions where people are so your game has replay value and can be pick up and play. If you do not know how to create checkpoints, you can use the code from the “Obby” template in Roblox Studio.

Those are all the tips I have, if anyone has anymore then please comment them down below.
Also please move the topic if its in the wrong place!

Thank you @Ty_IsHomeSchooled for the suggestions on refining this post!


No, DON’T do this. The only reason this works for Tower of Hell is because it’s round-based. This is the epitome of P2W.

Nobody actually likes these, most obbys with themes have terrible, and I mean terrible like-dislike ratios.

Actually, this isn’t needed. They are literally putting it up for free, there is absolutely zero need to do this.


I’ve only seen 2 games with Kevin Macleod music, and one of them removed the tracks.

Overall this tutorial could use some revising, but not bad. 7/10


Like-dislike ratio doesn’t have anything to do with the obby’s theme, usually it’s just because people can’t beat the game or a certain stage. I personally like themed obbies, and I know many others who do aswell. A lot of obbies are just plain boring and repetitive, but actually adding a theme makes it better in my opinion. It adds some sort of story to the game.


This can be true in some cases, but it doesn’t quite reflect what I’ve seen before.


Its just polite In my opinion to credit.


Thank you for the feedback! It was my first tutorial but I’ll take in what you said and make some revisions later


That’s a bold face lie. Everyone knows roblox developers take from NCS.


I don’t really see NCS anymore all I see nowadays is Kevin Macleod haha


Even though no obby forces you to use tap to move (and is probably an extremely bad idea), you could technically have it in the bottom left corner and change the movement type to Tap to Move.

You can also use Monstercat music such as Crab Rave, these are copyright free on Roblox (however if you have content creators playing the game I’m not sure if they will get a copyright warning or not).

Probably the worst thing here, yes it might attract badge collectors but badge walks exists and paying potentially 1000 Robux in obbies is a lot, especially if you have a low budget.

My final note, I would at least give links to tutorials on how to do this all. I would also add an invite friends button as often people will not go into the Roblox menu to invite people and adding a specific button could increase player counts. I would also suggest to make a tip of turning player collision off.

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Wait, so Ive send to much time working on an obby with a Insane amount of theme.

I dont know if this is called advertizing but… Here is my game that ive worked on for many days.

I kind of regret this.

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overall, I feel that obbys don’t really get anywhere and I feel like its useless because players will just play the game and leave, no coming back.

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This guide is pretty good, however I feel like there should be an explanation on how to keep players in the game.

Obbies are one of those genres that just ends up becoming really competitive after a while, you do a few and they all end up becoming quite boring. Bright colors is 100% a good way to attract people back into your game, especially if your target audience is younger players.

I’ve always thought a good idea was at certain stages of an obby was to give a player some sort of boost to make the next one or two stages a little easier. It will entice them to carry on I think.

Overall though, good post!