How to remove a group game from the games page?

Not sure what topic to put this, but I think that Game Design Support is the best one.

Hey DevForum,

I recently shut down one of my games on ROBLOX. I don’t want it on my group page anymore.


I made this game private, but for some reason, it still shows on the group page, while other private group games do not.


Anyone know how to get this game off of my group page?


Press group admin on the group page, then go down to settings and mark a box that says: Group games are visible on the group home page:


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Yeah, but I want the other game (soon to be multiple) to be visible. I just don’t want that particular game visible.

Only active games should be shown on the group page:
Simply press the ‘‘public’’ or ‘‘private’’ button to make a public game private or to make a private game public.


Exactly my point. The game is private, but it’s still there.

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Hmm… Strange!
Try to refresh the page and wait. If that doesn’t help, it means that this is probably a bug and should be reported here: Website Bugs - Developer Forum | Roblox

My memory might be a little fuzzy but there should be an option to hide it under the Configure drop down on the right of the game where you’d set it to private, right beside the Edit button.