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About the Web Bugs category (1)
Unable to change the group info section (15)
Errors when buying limiteds cause free N/A serials of it to be given out ( 2 ) (29)
Slimed Body Suit package is skin-locked (8)
"Avatar Appearance Override" hint doesn't show up on "Create Game" page (5)
User Search Shows Offline Users as Online (2)
Games not showing up on new group page (10)
Developer Portal - Search Page Missing Header Artifacts (3)
There is no "remove comments" option for plugins (3)
Followers / Friend Requests / Following has very short or empty pages (4)
Website Catalog as well as Catalog API not giving results after PageNumber 34 (13)
Unable to upload some images to Roblox without failing or mangled results ( 2 3 4 ) (69)
Builder's Club Stipend Bonus randomly ended? ( 2 ) (28)
Taking items offsale requires BC? (5)
Mobile App Presents "Upgrade" Button on Groups User is in (2)
Cannot change group logo on specific groups (10)
Group Admin page returning a 500 Internal Server Error response (12)
Follower System Does not work for intended purpose (5)
ROBLOX not working with AOL (8)
Translators Unable to Access Cloud Localization Page (2)
Roblox Pages not dark when in dark mode (6)
6 Month BC Payment via Paypal to David Baszucki (9)
Archived Roblox Messages Disappear (10)
Can't interact with the website when removing friend (8)
Users Favorite Games Marked as 'Offsale' (9)
Creating group roles throws an error, creates the role but doesn't remove any of the groups funds when option is selected (2)
Small texture bug in the Malivinius Bundle (2)
Terminated Accounts Retain VIP Server Membership Indefinitely (5)
Ignored Friend Requests Don't Disappear from Notifications (4)
I Can Send Blank Messages (7)