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About the Web Bugs category (1)
Website Chat Notification That Never Goes Away (11)
Social Media links with underscores issue (15)
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Unblocking Users is Broken (6)
Gray background behind user's avatar on the website (17)
One player servers starting (17)
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Misleading Rarity Percentage (13)
"Welcome to Roblox!" message still includes forum mention (6)
Creating a new set on the web version of the Roblox website does not work (14)
VIP Server Purchases go to the old owner of the game (and group) rather than group funds (19)
2 hats named "roblox visor" (6)
Game won't let me set maximum player count? (6)
Site being extremely slow, cannot connect to games or team create (15)
"Experimental Mode" Warning still visible when not logged in (2)
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Black 3D appearance of catalog items on certain devices (3)
"{{" displaying when hovering over a hat slot in the avatar page (3)
Cant set twitch url on the profile (6)
CreatePlaceAsync() does not copy template place configurations (2)
Games with places created through CreatePlaceAsync marked as experimental and unplayable (10)
Game wrongly displayed as Experimental Mode & blacklisted from young players (critical) ( 2 ) (39)
Endless reCapatcha Loop on login ( 2 ) (22)
Every time I make a gamepass, it has the same ID as decals from 2008 (9)
Sponsor Game 'Not Running' clickable text does not respond (2)
Group store Shirt updates incorrectly (1)