How to remove Backdoor

Good Day everyone, I’m thinking there’s a Backdoor in my game and Its really hard to find where is it, Do you have any idea on how to find the backdoor and remove it please? If you know please reply, it would be appreciated!

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If you feel there’s a backdoor in your game, you should find all scripts in your game, then press Ctrl + K (or H, if I’m wrong, because one of these clear the script output history), then look at the first text box. Type require() or getfenv(), if there’a any of this words in your script, that scrip is most likely a virus. You should pay attention to what it’s doing.


There’s more than 1k scripts, that would take ages to find the virus but I went for getfenv(), I had many but i removed them a days ago, But for the require() most of them are in the Adonis admin.

Hello there. I would like to help you, however I do not have enough evidence to find the backdoor at all.

I would like you to send the following:

  • All models that you own.
  • All plugins that you own.

Once I find the backdoored model/plugin, I highly advise you to revert your game to a previous update. Also, uninstall the plugin so that none more of your games become infected.

It may seem a bit rational but this is the method I use to make sure that games are cleaned.

This might be useful for finding keywords quickly: Navigation - Find All / Replace All - Beta

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Do you know any threats other than getfenv() or require()?

Search this:


Sometimes they reverse strings and it ends up as a require() to remain low-key.


I tried it now and there’s no script that has the string.reverse() keyword…

Oof, I had a ‘RoSync’ Virus in one of my games, it used that…

Maybe try running an antivirus plugin?

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I really have trust issues with antivirus plugins but I can use one unless if its known and trusted and have high amount of sales, one thing do you know an Anti-exploit that i can use for my game, if so which one?

Here’s a few, I think I used Server Defender for my game. (Since you have like 1k scripts, make sure to turn ‘Quarantine’ option off. Otherwise, you may accidentally disable your scripts)


Are they trusted to use or no?

I mean, I used Server Defender, it seemed fine.

The rest, you can read through comments and stuff, see if it’s verified and trusted by the community.

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Here’s what you need to search for (using CTRL + SHIFT + F):

  • getfenv
  • loadstring
  • string.reverse & :reverse
  • require

Also check your plugins in case you installed something malicious.


I don’t think people are going to be posting virus plugins on the devforum.

Some back doors also heavily obfuscate their code, but normally those functions are used. OFFTOPIC: what are you supposed to use getfenv() for?