How to remove stolen models from the market?

Hello, I have been a creator on roblox for two years, and I have just discovered that many models from my games have been stolen and put on the market for free, I have made reports but it seems to take a long time, must do I contact someone in particular or is there a way to make the process faster?
I ask the same question for all games that use my models.

I hope you can help me, thank you


I dont know how to provide a solution to your problem, but do have an answer on why It happened.

there are a lot of ROBLOX Exploits going around, which have the ability within them to steal a users content. There are some ways to protect these things from happening such as a good Anti-Exploit (may be available on the Models tab somewhere). An anti-exploit is probably your best route when trying to fix this issue/prevent it from happening again.


I see thank you! I did not quite understand, where I can find anti-exploits

There isn’t a solution to your problem, every developer faces this sort of problem.
Your best bet is to report it them to Roblox, exploiters can saveinstance your whole game with all models, terrains, parts and even localscripts.


It’s scary, it no longer makes you want to create when you know that. I think the best solution is to either make its models available for free but …


I think you could also upload the models on your account and make them free to take so you can at least be deemed the original owner by a little more people.

I know of games that will kick a user if they attempt to exploit, so there may be some good working anti-exploits out there.


or make some sort of “trap” in the models, if it is inevitable to counter theft


If the model contains code, you could obfuscate the code, and put a game.CreatorId check function inside to disable it, If this is just purely a build with no code then maybe an Anti-Exploit is your best bet.


But if we have a group game, can the exploiters still steal our contents?

I would personally do most code ServerSide and use the code in LocalScript as ModuleScript with ID address. So if you had a LocalScript before, I would move it in a ModuleScript, upload it to Roblox Private and finally use the ModuleScript in the LocalScript. This might help to stop or at least slow down exploiters. Finally, maybe do what Diogo said, so check if the game is yours and if it works then

yes but I would especially like to withdraw my models from the market and have all games that illegally use them removed

Yes. The owner of the game doesn’t matter. Exploiters can steal whatever is loaded on their client.

Additionally, your module script trick really doesn’t help as exploiters can steal any code that is running on their client (server scripts don’t even replicate their code and module scripts are replicated if a local script requires it)

Do you know if we can file a complaint with the state for this kind of theft?


Wait, I found this. Is this another way the exploiters steal models?

If you’re talking about an actual legal request, then no. You are able to report people who have actively exploited to roblox but for the most part you can’t really do anything about it.

Yes and no. Yes people can steal assets this way but no this is really only for assets such as meshes or textures.

Bottom line is - anything you upload can be stolen. It is much more secure to have all of your assets/models in game in a place where they do not replicate to the client.

Obviously some theft is impossible and it’s usually pointless to have a model that won’t replicate to the player. Everything the player can see they can steal.


Well, I’m sorry, but that’s impossible, isn’t it?
And if it is possible, does that mean that this will solve the problem?

It is possible. There are certain objects that do not replicate to the client such as ServerStorage and ServerScriptService.

Solve the problem? Nope. Typically you want your players to be able to view your models but if they don’t replicate then they can’t see them. Think about it this way - you wouldn’t technically need an exploit to copy a game model. You could technically just look at it and study it in game and build it in your own game from the ground up. That’s essentially what we’re dealing with but instead of doing that they’re doing it instantaneously.


The only thing I can suggest is showing proof that you created or owned the models in question. These could be attached to a support form, it might give support more info about the problem and they might think about it more.

I wasn’t aware you can steal assets from game by playing or whatever. Are you sure it’s not being stolen from someone in teamcreate? I would suggest reporting, asking a friend/supporters to also report or actually email roblox with the proof as they have banned people via this before.

No, it comes well from the client no team create, I sent emails to roblox I sent reports, but I think the procedures take a long time I don’t know who to talk to