How to render triangles

If there any way to render a single triangle, in world space? Something like:

local RenderService = game:GetService("RenderService")
local triangle = {,,}
local color =
local material = Enum.Materials.Brick --Probably typed this wrong
local castshadow = true

RenderService:RenderShadedTriangle(triangle, color, material, castshadow) --And maybe some other stuff for textures, decals, those PBR objects that I can’t remember the name of, etc.

It would be really useful for generating procedural meshes like rippling water or dynamic programmable particles. I’m making value/perlin noise stuff and I want to be able to link points in 3D space together with triangles.

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I searched ‘create triangle from 3 points’ and got this:
Create triangle out of ONE wedge using 3 points - for dummies

Daaang that is way too complicated. Maybe it would be easier to have a triangle mesh and stretch it out in weird ways to get the right shape instead of doing the exact same thing to a wedge.

Found this
I probably should have done more research but I suspect I was just Googling with the wrong words

Yeah, anything @EgoMoose does is genius.

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