How to restore materials in studio

Hello all,

I would like to inquire if there is a way to import previous versions of materials (e.g. neon, woodplanks) from older builds of studio ranging from 2016 to 2020.

I am not requesting for this to be done for everyone, as I understand the limitations. I just have a personal preference for the original versions within studio and cannot use older builds for obvious reasons.

I apologize if my inquiry does not meet the criteria for building support.

Thank you.


Go to MaterialService > Properties > Use2022Materials > false


I’m talking about the ones from 2016, the mentioned materials were way different from now (and 2022), and so were loads of others.

Here’s the one I prefer:

and here’s the one I do not want:

Use2022 does not fix this as they were changed before the new mats were released.

Here’s another example:



The easiest way I found

With the planks I at least found them in the toolbox > OLD textures. With neon it’s a little harder so i wish you best of luck.

I believe this should also work but i’m not 100% if thease are the correct textures or if they show up for other players. Roblox-og-textures - Let's take it back to a better time


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