Roblox-og-textures - Let's take it back to a better time

6/10/21: Updates to the GitHub have been put on hold UNTIL IT IS CONFIRMED that Roblox will keep their word on giving developers the option to switch between the Legacy and new textures in their games.

TL;DR/GitHub Repo Link:


roblox-og-textures is a GitHub repository of all the original textures prior to the update outlined in this post: New Terrain and Parts Built-In Materials - Release Build

This repository complies with the following guidelines enumerated in the #resources:community-resources About Post.

The usage of the term “Pre-Update” refers to the time prior to the texture changes brought about by the aforementioned post.

Compliance with subcategory guidelines

roblox-og-textures was made as a resource that developers who prefer the pre-update textures that were changed by the subjectively vomitous texture update that will be brought about soon to the Roblox platform. This is the first and last jab that will be taken at this update.

This resource is meant to be used as a library of .dds textures that can be used by developers (builders/artists in particular).

This resource is significant and is clearly substatial to Roblox’s developer community given the nondescript feedback in the several threads that followed the ongoing development of the texture changes coming to the platform.


Manipulating .dds files is outlined in the .readme file in the GitHub repo. The most common way from what I’ve read is using GIMP to convert them into a format that’s digestible by Roblox’s Texture/Decal instances.

Uploading converted assets (as .png) will happen in the very near future so that whoever uses this repository down the line won’t have to go through the hassle of converting the .dds files themselves.


Gotta say this is wild, showing how far the community is willing to go to keep the current textures. Really goes to show how much roblox messed up.


Can you add the terrain materials as well?


Also, could you try and convert them to “normal” nornal maps? I’ve tried getting old slate a few times but I can’t do it…


The fact that people have to do this much work to keep textures should be an obvious red flag. Nobody wants the old textures gone. People want them to coexist with the new ones. ROBLOX, listen to the community.


Thank you so much, The fact that devs have to do this ourselves is just annoying.


The roblox community does this every single update. Nothing new here. They over react and then a month later completely forget about it. As with every update it’s to progress the engine and when people hold back it doesn’t do anything good.


This update actually impacts a pretty large amount of building styles, there is a reason why people are getting angry. You don’t see anyone complaining about the other changes that just came out such as bubble chat because those are genuinely good changes that don’t have a major impact.
No one would go out of there way to do this if it was just a lil something something.


I can’t speak for the community at-large but I’ve been around ever since 2011.

I’ve been through a multitude of significant platform-shifting changes as roblox was beginning to find its identity:

  • Outline forcefields
  • New stud textures/removal of surface textures
  • Roblox 3.0
  • R15
  • jaredvaldez
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Decentralized egg hunts
  • FilteringEnabled
  • Removal of daily login rewards/multiplier
  • BC/TBC/OBC → Premium
  • Removal of tix
  • Do they even do Christmas presents anymore?

But never, have I ever seen an update more visually-repulsive than this one. It’s arguably the biggest case of “who asked?” on the platform.

And on top of this, compared to a majority of the aforementioned updates, this is something that anyone has the power to revert by overwriting the new textures when they’re implemented.

My “overreaction” is my way of trying to show the community at-large that this texture update isn’t the end-of-the-line, especially now that it’s confirmed that there won’t be any option to revert to the legacy textures in vanilla Roblox.


I myself actually kinda like the new materials however I did go back and check out my builds with them and man does it sure make them look ugly. They don’t look ugly per se and I like that we get new cool materials but we should also be able to keep the current ones as an option since they provide some textures that some people actually rely on.