How to revert to old studio script colour theme

It’s not changing.

You would have to manually change the individual colors to the Color3s they previously were. If you don’t have those Color values, you could probably try to spot them on a google image or old tutorials

Try to restart studio, its working for me with no problems

Above, under the tab “General” there is a property named “Theme”. Set that one to Default (or light if it doesn’t work) and try again.

Just restarted studio. Same thing as ever. I set the colour scheme to “Default” and it’s still the new one

Do you have a plugin that can maybe change this ?

There is probably another setting messed up, reset everything to default then change that value, if that doesn’t work, consider contacting support or posting in #platform-feedback:studio-bugs

I can’t post in platform feedback.
The wait is FAR too long when contacting developer engagement (2-4 weeks)
Can you send me your colour scheme and maybe I can copy off of that? Here is the default for Light Theme

Simply go into the

  • Studio Settings > Reset Settings

Do you have the default for dark theme?

Yep, here you go… I personally prefer dark theme.

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I changed the theme to Default in my studio, and it is the old one. I don’t know what you are talking about. Either your studio is messed up and its core files changed, or something else, I suggest reinstalling.

There is no way Roblox would force a new theme as default over the current one. If they add anything, they always post announcements, and for themes, if added, they will most likely add it as a separate theme and not force it over the default one, that just sounds dumb.


I don’t even need to restart studio. it looks like the default colour scheme just got changed for me, maybe other people don’t have the update yet.

Looks like I just have extra settings, all the above settings are the same and I have the new ones which makes it looks different

Can anyone help me?Pease?Please?Please??

I said reinstall not restart.

Reinstall your Roblox Studio.

I tried the “Extra 1” and “Extra 2”, they are completely different from yours. There is no way Roblox has changed them, because yours ones look really bad. Something has changed your Roblox Studio files.

And no one is talking/complaining about it except you.

It’s not the extra themes it’s the new studio colours it’s

the new studio colours it’s the new studio colours

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Reinstall your Roblox Studio, are you reading what I am posting?