How to scale down UIs (With using Roundify plugin)?

I am creating these UIs for my game, but they won’t scale down on smaller devices (I tested this out in an emulator). The problem only seems to be working on the icons I roudified.

Every other UI that hasn’t been roundified scales down perfectly fine.

Images of the problem

Here is the image with a regular sized UIs

Here is an image of when the screen is smaller. As you can see it hasn’t scaled down.

I’ve tried using an auto scale plugin, but that doesn’t seem to work either.

So, does anyone know how to scale down these UIs the easiest way?

I understand if this may be an easy fix, I am not exactly a great UI designer.

Using the AutoScale plugin should work. (I personally use it and it does a great job.) Normally, you select all the elements of your UI and then click on the properties you want to add from the plugin.


Maybe you just selected the ScreenGui and not all the elements of the UI?


I selected the frame of the UI yet it still isn’t working.

Could I see the explorer panel of you StarterGui with all the children elements? That would help my guide you better.

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Okay I don’t have access to a computer right now but when I do I will surely let you know. Would you like me to send you a video of me Auto scalling the UI?

Yea if you want, but first I’m wondering if your UI is in a UIGridLayout? Because it could be one reason why it isn’t scaling.

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Everything else is not roundified and scales down perfectly fine.

Ok, it might just be something to change in the properties of your UI’s.

First, there is size constraints which decides on which axis it will scale.

Second, the plugin you use is supposed to fix this but in case it didn’t, the size of the UI should be using Scale instead of Offset.

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I found the first property but I can’t find the second one. BTW here are my settings for the plugin:

It is in the property of Size:

Between, your plugin settings are fine. Mine are the set the same.

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It seems it is using the Offset. Any way to change this?
Edit: I changed it to scale and it scales but now I need to adjust the size?? Is this the best way?

The Offset is the size measured by pixels or something like that. But Scale is the ratio with the parent. For example, if you set it to 0.5, it will be half the size of the parent object. The parent in you case is simply the screen.

Edit: Once it is set to Scale, you can manually scale it and it will stay with scale. So you can keep one as a reference, set the other to a random scale, then scale it manually to the size of your reference and then change the other to the same values as well.