How to secure your game, Real Dex Detection + Uncommon/Hided way to ban exploiters

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Byfron is out but it doesnt mean you can just rely on it !

Byfron will be bypassed at a point and the only thing we can hope is that it wont be soon.

How can you secure your game?

The ways you are securing your game will have a big impact on the exploiters mind,
the more they get banned, the more they learn and usually they prolly will bother creating or using another alt account after their 15’th one got banned.

How would you know if your game isnt securided :

Ways to ban hackers.

  • Remote Events (basic way & also bypassable, tho if you do a secure & a good one, it hackers will have a long time bypassing it).
  • Animations : Detect with the server if the ban animation is played (easy to bypass if you do it not correctly).
  • Tools : Using the .Equiped function, the server can create a tool at the player join and make him to get the tool & use this tool to know if the ban tool is equiped. ( Tho, it woud require the game to make the tool parented to nil or hiding the tool in the game with a random name to not have it know by other players & exploiter.

(But if you do it correctly and add your own security, you can detect the ways to detect it.

  • CFrame : looping a magnitude check and having the client to tp to a particular cframe
  • Part : using the .Touched event, the client can bring a bannable part to make the server ban the player with the .Touched event on it.
  • Anything that replicate can be used to ban the player, however if you are not using remote events, you wont be able to have a specify reason on why the player got banned (banned for : Memory Tampering)

Dex Detection

Today i will share a cool script detection, in this case it will be about a famous tool used by exploit script developers named : Dex Explorer. There are plenty of versions of them but this detect mainly every of them.

Please also take in count that this can still be bypassed and you should not fully rely on it even tho it could stop the majority of skidders ( or people like : TheTamperist, reika or even antikurr :skull: ) that doesnt know how hook properly how to use hookfunction

-- might false detect if u dont detect if the game is loaded
repeat task.wait() until game:IsLoaded() -- risky as a bypass can be made if they hook game:IsLoaded() and the script is the anticheat to return false

while task.wait() do
		local tbl1 = {}
		local tbl2 = {}
		setmetatable(tbl1, tbl2)
		tbl2.__mode = "v"   

		local key = {}         
		tbl1[key] ="LocalScript\00\00\00", game)
		pls add a pcall for these if you really need security
		key = {}             
		tbl1[key] = 2

		for k, v in pairs(tbl1) do
			if v ~= 2 then
				print("dex detected")
				end, function()
					print("env tampering")



If you need an anticheat and you feel like its too long or do not want to do your own but still need a secure & an anticheat that is really good, i would like to give you this list of discord server that have great anticheat :

Anonymous System : Discord
ASense : Discord
Aero Anticheat : Discord
RoGuard : Discord

  • Sorry if i did some typo mistake, have a great day ^^

sorry, but discord is banned in my country so I won’t have an anticheat but I will make my own one so great tutorial :sweat_smile:

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damn, maybe try to use a vpn :man_shrugging:

uuhhh using a VPN is kind of illegal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also in the title you might want to change hided to hidden lol but are the discord servers some alternate solutions are you saying to the one you presented?

They are just great anticheat of people i know that have very op detections

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Actually its not, there are many secure VPNs like on Mozilla Firefox and more.

There an vpn by default on Opera GX

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Thank you by the way for this resource!

In the UAE, the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) may not be considered as illegal if it is used in accordance with the guidelines of the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (the ‘TDRA’)

this is what I got

I use chrome :confused:

Yep but I used that one and it slows way down because the server is in a different country lol

np, i hope it help people, and maybe let them understand more and also giving a real dex detection (tested on all verions, dev v2 v3 v4? and also secure dex)


There are VPN chrome extensions but idk if you have to pay or what.

did you read this part?

I put this because I’m from and living in the UAE

I did, but if it is in accordance with it, it would not be illegal as said.

A hard but pretty effective ban method is in game moderators from like your group those are really useful but may be trouble for different game devs

Yes I am cute thank you for noticing

Dear IceMinister; I now regret it you sharing a private detection that I gave you, but great ressource tho. Can be easily bypassed with a certain exploit function called cloneref.

Change “ASens” to “ASense” plsssss thx

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Secure dex gets detected by rawequal anyways :skull::skull::skull:

its not u who halped me w it, u only told me how was the coregui detection made

This is the coregui detection petit noob