How to see every single local plugin i made

before yall rush and say “OPEN PLUGINS FOLDER”, read first

ok so this thing has been bugging me for months, if not whatever. but ive made garbage plugins thats hidden across my computer because i put them in wierd places like downloads. for some reason roblox studio still loads them and the worst part is: I dont remember the plugins names and all my plugins have annoying prints. whenever i click on the source of the prints, it wont let me open the source. but im not gonna let it bug me anymore. so how to find THE PATH OF EVERY SINGLE LOADED LOCAL PLUGIN?

Plugin management should show these plugins. If not, delete the plugin references from the studio installation. On some versions, this will be in the registry. On others, this will be in the UserID folder.

What is the path to the reg? but ill first check the userid folders

It’s the RobloxStudio folder, more information can be found here:

You might have to delete the whole Roblox folder but I’m not sure.

no, i remember i saved the plugin somewhere else (downloads?) and it somehow executed it

Roblox might have saved a copy of the plugin somewhere else. Does deleting the plugin in downloads fix the problem?

Kinda. I had another one clogging my output too cuz i was debuggin it and i saved it somewhrre else i cant remember.

I guess you could use the search indexer to solve the problem. Simply go to explorer and search for *.lua and delete any plugins you have.

i tried that and nothing appeared