How to see what a class inherits in the new wiki?

How to see what a class inherits in the new wiki?

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If you’re referring to properties, events, functions, etc. It’s the first thing that comes up on the class page.

Classes inherit other classes and you could check this on old wiki
For example, all classes inherit Instance and Terrain,UnionOperation,Part,MeshPart, and a lot of other stuff inherit BasePart

This is useful for things such as Instance:IsA("ClassName") instead of having to do return Instance.ClassName == "Terrrain" or Instance.ClassName == "UnionOperation" ...


It should still pop up, the parent class types will show up on the class page as well.

If you scroll down on say the page about union operations, it should give you classes which the instance is a descendant of, if applicable.

Does this solve the problem?

If you are talking about things like this:

Then that is still lacking because sometimes Roblox will create Classes and have others inherit them for the sake of organization such as with ValueBase (which you can see “descendants” such as StringValue do not show that they inherit anything from it)

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Not what I was referring to. If they no longer list parenting classes then you’ll have to find them on the class page.

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I would appreciate it if you told me what you were referring to then

Mind showing me how?

Here is listed basepart etc. You can get all classes here, even ones that are abstract and are parents to real instances.

So how do I know which are descendants of which?
Surely you don’t expect me to build my own database?

Still not sure why you can’t find it but this is the page from part. It tells you the inherited classes.

It should be noted, they haven’t done this for every class type, such as pants and shirts don’t link to the abstract instance “Clothing”.

This should solve your question, you can offer it as a feature suggestion.

You will need to file this as a feature request under #platform-feedback:documentation-requests. There is currently no way to for-sure view inherited classes

or classes that inherit from it:


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