How can I access the "Old Wiki"?

So how do I access the “Old Wiki” with out being redirected, I can’t take it anymore the New Wiki is just garbage; it lacks a lot of Information, needs a lot of improvement, and the worst is that it’s wasting everyone’s precious little amount of game development time.

I’m pretty sure 99% of us will agree on that.

but to prove my point you can read these.

New API documentation lacks the efficiency of the old Wiki

Lack of documentation on GetCore/SetCore

Inherited Classes should be listed in API documentation

Clearing up API

Provide hyperlink to object returned by function

Missing code sample on CollectionService page

New API reference takes up way too much space. Please make it easier to read

How to see what a class inherits in the new wiki?

The “New Wiki” is really not friendly to New (& Old) Developers at this point of time.

I just wasted a few hours trying to find this >> New SetCore Methods for prompting social actions on the wiki but I didn’t, luckily it’s on the DevForum.

and this Good thing google has a Cache feature.

Just check out how Unity’s Wiki is (not sure if I’m allowed to link it here so just google search)

I can tell you that it’s very friendly to new users compare to Roblox’s Wiki

I’m putting this in Scripting Support because most of the time it’s Scripters that needs the Wiki for API stuff.


You can still visit pages of wiki.roblox if you know the precise URL, otherwise any attempts to navigate the site now result in a redirect. I agree that robloxdev has a number of troublesome quirks, but the old one isn’t coming back so it’s more important that we ask Roblox to make changes that will facilitate browsing the new site.


How long will that change take compared to making the Old Wiki Available again (like not redirecting us to the new one, etc), some of us need to access the Information now.

Take a look at how long it took for this to be fixed

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I don’t know how long it will take for them to address all the issues, perhaps they’re actively working on them at this moment and are planning a big fix. If you can’t find documentation on the new site just search the devforum like you did; if there aren’t any existing topics, write a new one in Scripting Support.

You can use the Wayback machine to access the old wiki! :slight_smile:

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Wow, I forgot about that method but the down side is that NOT all pages exist. :cry:

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I haven’t ran into that problem, yet.

There’s also which works pretty well and currently doesn’t redirect you


Currently there is no supported way to access old Wiki content. This is because wiki content has been migrated over to the Dev Hub.

The best thing to do when you find cases where this hasn’t happened correctly is to report it on the Documentation Request forum here:

We all want the Developer Hub to be the most useful tool to developers it can be. There are a lot of people working tirelessly on improving the quality of the site and the information availible. The best way the community can help with that is by continuing to provide constructive feedback and highlighting pages with issues.