How to send messages from Discord to Roblox's game chat? (Announcement system?)

I do not ask to help me with Discord’s API obviously.

So, I want to create a system where you can use Discord’s “/” commands to send messages to my Roblox game, for example:

/sent the game will go under maintance in 5 minutes

And that message will appear in chat in game:
{System} the game will go under maintance in 5 minutes

Does roblox has any… gateway maybe? I tried researching but I couldn’t find anything

A similar topic has been opened.

To summaries what was in that topic, you basically need:

  • Your own API.
    (Only for node.js)
  • Roblox.js
  • Discord.js

There are plenty of projects that are available for the public use. Feel free to search them up and modify the code to fit your own needs.

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