How to set ZIndex Correctly?

Ive recently been making custom particle emitters using ImageHandleAdornments , but the problem is that the particles weirdly clips into eachother because the ZIndex is the same. How would i fix this?

Video of problem:

the particle images arent mine

Any help is appreciated!

When using Z Index the higher the figure the further on top it is.

For example,

A.ZIndex = 100
B.ZIndex = 200

B would render in front of A because it is a higher figure.

Best practice with ZIndex is to use large numbers to order, just in case you want to render things inbetween in future as stated on Wiki. But if you’re just using particles and not planning on doing anything else then it’s fine.

You would need to create your own particle system using Billboards to attempt to do this in a working fashion though. Seems long winded and pointless.

I believe this is a Roblox bug, nothing you can do.

How would I make a particle system with ImageHandleAdornments without them clipping into eachother though?

Like you say, ZIndex should help with that? I’ve not really experimented much with them to be honest, but it follows the same simple ruling as ZIndex should which is what I explained above.

I will set your answer as the solution, but is it possible to get the particles in front of the players camera?

AlwaysOnTop usually does this, though I’m not 100% sure if it would work in this instance.