How to simulate shadows?

I want to make an invisible part that still casts a shadow. How can I do this? (I’m not even sure where to start) Not sure if this is a scripting question, but I’m not sure where else to ask.

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This doesn’t work on low graphics

Maybe try setting the transparency to 1 but from the client? In the server it should be 0.

If you set the transparency to 1 on the client, it will render as 1 on the client. Apologies if I’m misunderstanding. (shadows are rendered on the client)

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Roblox studio is now broken again after the latest update so I can’t rly try this nor help u much. That was my only solution tbh, give it a try it might work, if not then sorry about it and good luck achieving it.

Oh! If you’re having issues running Roblox studio, be sure to run it as administrator. I tried the solution and it didn’t work, sadly.

Every time a new update drops I have these weird errors and the wrong viewport and a lot of weird stuff it’s really frustrating. About the administrator one, from the people that I know, running it like that completely broke roblox studio for them and I have a ton of important projects so I won’t risk it. Since that didn’t work I can’t really help you so ya… Good luck!

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I’ll mark this as solution since it’s the closest thing.

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