How to stay motivated

So, you struggle staying motivated to making your game or whatever you are making. well I’m here to help!


Brainstorming is a very simple way to help your game or design while staying motivated!
I’m currently working on a showcase called ‘Toronto, Canada 2022’ A way to keep motivated is brainstorming, heres an example I used for my game.

To brainstorm you write the main subject at the top and basically factor tree down with different subjects!

Take Breaks!

If you are very unmotivated and don’t want to work on your game take a break from it! You don’t have a time limit! (Unless you do :flushed:)
Do something you are motivated for currently like guitar! (I’m not lol) This will clear your mind and calm you. It should get you motivated!


Meditation can also help you be more motivated! To meditate you could use all on roblox or something on SC! I personally use EricDoa’s meditation. This will help you loosen up, be calmer, and be more motivated!


One thing noticed over the years of playing roblox, making clothes on roblox, and making games is that if you are unmotivated for the project then it’s probably not the project for you. Feel free at anytime to stop the project work on something else. Once you’re ready go in back to it. If you fall out of motivation a lot more than once then it probably isn’t a good project for you. Try something else. Be more creative!!

Keep Going

Just because you feel like you ran out of motivation doesn’t mean you should give up all the time. Try pushing through. Just because it’s not running smooth currently doesn’t mean it won’t. Push the unmotivated part is all your power! It will run smoothly I PROMISE!!!

If you’re falling out of motivation on projects and such, you’re not alone.

Thanks for reading my guide on how to stay motivated. This is my first Topic! Please give me advice on stuff for the future! Thanks again.


also feel free to chat at the bottom!


This is a bit messy.
You asked us to take breaks, to stop then to just “carry on”, its very hard to understand the main focus of the topic. I know that leaving the reader a choice is good, but that doesn’t mean pointing at north and south at the same time.

It is nice having brainstorming, breaks and hard working mentioned in your topic, but you just didn’t implement the word “discipline”.

If you had a team, or if your schedule was rather busy, then you just can’t do a bit of this, do a bit of that depending on your emotions.

Honestly, it would be the most reasonable to make a planning after the brainstorming stage. A game design document that indicates every aspect to develop precisely, which can be changed after, and a schedule calendar to know when to work and when to rest in a healthy and productive way.

Indeed we all have our time limits. School vacations will end, we’ll also grow up to have tighter studies, and when we finally become adults we’ll have time limits in our job to make a living. Its not a retirement house.

You must first understand why you first started and why you want to stop. Treat it in a logical way and not just with your morning moods.

No you cant promise. Working hard doesn’t mean the project will run smoothly, what do you have to make such promises?
However, pushing yourself to your best will be very useful in life, as it’ll become a skill to preserve and clutch.

Not a terrible topic, but a little confusing that could potentially make it demotivating :joy:


Oh okay, sorry for such a confusing topic, as I said this is my first one. Thanks for pointing out some mistakes I made on this! I will use it for future topics! Again, thanks!


yea, brainstorm… i always write alot of stuff [i write on scripts], since i don’t really use any notepads or smthing else,

sometimes i feel dead inside and lay down on the table sleeping for 15 seconds, then i return to myself and return to progress

solo dev’ing is hard, since you are doing 10 jobs at once, you must think about everything…

also, always write down all stuff you will add to your game, since creating the 1k lines of script, and all of a sudden you get a NEW idea that is even more essential to your game or will be a cool mechanic,

at this point you will need to re-work some lines since it will impact or not the scripting,

the hardest part while creating a game is [Script itself]
since it gives life to your game and mechanics

modelling is ok, you can take some time to learn but your brain will not fry after a few minutes, and modelling is not too complex, you need to follow up some geometry and 3d space, it’s not complex as script, but, trust me, in every single game, you will always spend more time scripting and editing UIS than modelling the game itself, some people consider modelling easy, so they skip modelling and start scripting all mechanics, and when they want some [Test Model or NPC or GUI] they just insert some template and do their stuff

etc, staying motivated is easy, hard is to maintain sanity while staying motivated


Don’t worry, there are no mistakes.
Its just personal experiences, but next time it would be nice for you to come up with a strategy or system instead of a composition of motivating suggestions and tips.
Good job anyways!

Meme of day:


I agree with all the scripting stuff, yes I’m a solo dev too. But I’m the complete opposite of it being hard to remain sanity. Keeping motivated is the hardest thing for me when creating. Thanks for reading my topic!


One thing I could recommend, is that you do a better drawing

okay, youre not picasso, understood, but try pls!

that meme by megalodox official is funny lol


i more lose motivation over double-thinking how i will do a certain task
takes a bit to regain that motivation to try to fix that problem

othervise good tutorial!

Takes a 30m break at 6:00 PM and proceeds to watch anime.
Starts working on game again at 2:00AM

Meditates for 30m
Falls asleep
Wakes up in 6 hours

Turns a 1 day project into a 6 month project

I will cry


Uh, here’s what I recommend then.

  1. Why did you start in the first place? First the logical, then the emotional! Logical: I’m making a Roblox game to pay for my college. Emotional: My family works their butts off and still can’t afford my college, I want to help them while being able to pay for my college (just an example, but it’s meant to highlight your core emotional driver behind your decision-making process. Ask yourself, “why” but answer emotionally.)

  2. Check in with yourself. Have a basic amount of discipline every day, where no matter what, you show up and do that basic amount.
    Every day I have a checklist on whether I did at least 30 minutes of work every day. The first couple of days are a pain to go through, but now, I’m doing well above 30 minutes! If whatever you’re doing means a lot to you, you should probably at least have the capacity to force discipline onto yourself.

  3. Lower your importance on the subject at hand. If you have a time limit. Be okay with the possibility that you might not hit your goal in time. This doesn’t mean giving up or throwing in the towel. Example: If you hit x goal in time, great, if you don’t, that’s also great. This is the balance you need (outcome independence).

  4. Be delusional (in a good/productive way) about your behavior. If you are not hitting your goals, this doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person, or that you’re a lazy person. In order to be productive, and motivated, you must first automatically assume that you are said person, and reverse engineer your way to it. You accidentally missed practicing your skill today? “Oh, that’s okay, I’ve been doing pretty good recently. I’m not slowing down or anything, I just missed it today.” This works because this assumed that even though you missed your daily discipline, doesn’t mean that you aren’t disciplined. You are what you think you are. Another person in the same situation said “I’m not disciplined, there I go again, falling behind, can’t stay motivated and productive for anything.” Notice something, BOTH OBSERVATIONS ARE CORRECT BECAUSE THEY CHOOSE IT TO BE! IT’S JUST AN OPINION. Choose which opinion you care about and buy into it.

Being motivated is truly just about self-awareness, and having a high enough level of control of your mind, feelings, and consciousness, and being able to mold it to where you want to go. I can’t go into too deep because it gets deep and long quickly, but I hope this helped!


im not the type of guy to get motivated or get my motivation again, just my nature. so what i did is program a gun at my forehead and if i dont work on my current projects it will just trigger

i highly recommend this metho

ok in all seriousness, it helped but it was kind of confusing