How to stop html from appearing when focusing on textbox

So im making it so that script inserts html into the textbox when a keyword is typed. How do I make it so that the html cannot be edited by the user and can’t be seen

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There is a property on TextBoxes called TextEditable. You will want to set this to false when you don’t want the user to edit the text.

As for can’t be seen, I am not entirely sure what you want with that.

Im basically trying to replicate the way Roblox script editor changes the look of keywords

Ah, I see. While the user is typing in a TextBox using RichText enabled, it is impossible to hide the html used for the RichText. A workaround could be to have a TextBox for the user to type in and a TextLabel below it on the ZIndex to show the text and effects of the RichText.

You would need to have the TextBox the user is typing in fully transparent and replicate the user’s typing to the TextLabel along with the RichText you want to show.

Ah, well thanks for the idea! I’ll see if this works and report back to you