How to Stop Wall Hops (Guide From An Experienced Wall Hopper)

If you don’t know what wall hopping is, it’s basically a glitch that allows you to jump on certain walls. This can be both done in R6 and R15 but is much easier to do in R6.

This can be easily done with all parts that are on top of each other. You can also make a ladder by placing parts on top of each other (With a gap) but with no gap, you can simply wall hop it. But how do you stop it? It’s very simple, actually.

Step 1: Make the stacked parts non-collide

Step 2: Put an ONE AND ONLY ONE invisible Can-Collide part in the same spot as the stacked parts.

(Sorry for the bad video quality, I had to lower it for the file size to fit.)

This should stop all wall hopping, good luck!


wow so i can do this in any game
thanks man

Let me know if you also want to know how to stop the following:

  1. Corner Glitching or Flatwall Clipping(R6 and R15)
  2. Dance Clipping (R6 Only)
  3. Laugh Clipping (All Variations) (R6 Only)
  4. Glitchwrap (Obby related) (R6 and R15)

I would be happy to put all of them in one separate tutorial, thank you!


Figure it might also be worth explaining why this is possible in the first place and how replacing collisions with a single non-collidable block can resolve this issue. This happens primarily because Humanoids use raycasts to stay on top of objects and the edges between parts constitutes a valid surface, pushing the character above. This method just defines a single collision space and the raycast won’t catch on because the next valid edge is at the top of the brick.


I’ve decided to make the tutorial, here’s the link!
How to Stop Various Glitches in Your Experiences (Guide From an Experienced Glitcher)

It will teach you how to top the following:

  • Corner Glitching All Variants (R6 and R15)
  • Emote Glitching All Variants (R6)
  • Item Clipping (R6 and R15) (PC Only)