[OUTDATED] How to Stop Various Glitches in Your Experiences (Guide From an Experienced Glitcher)

There are many severe glitches that can ruin your Roblox experiences, but there are also many ways to stop them! Here are some of the most common glitches that can be done in most Roblox experiences.

This tutorial will teach you how to stop the following:


If I missed anything crucial or want me to add anything, feel free to reply to the post!

Corner Glitching

There are many variants of corner glitching, here are some examples.

Note that this can ALSO be done in R15, so be cautious. Stopping this glitch is actually a lot easier than you think. Just follow these steps and TADA! The glitching is gone.

Step 1: Find a corner that can be glitched on

Step 2: Cover the corners with cylinders.

Step 3: Set the cylinder’s transparency to 1

CAUTION: You can also Corner Glitch on 2 vertical parts, so also make sure to put cylinders there too!

Emote Glitching (R6 Games Only)

This one is probably the easiest one to patch, and there are many solutions.

Here is a video showcasing emote glitches.

There is only 1 needed solution. (If your game is R6)

Step 1: Make all VULNERABLE walls 1.6+ studs.

After doing that, here is the aftermath.

Item Clipping (PC Only)

This is an easier glitch to perform, but you need to install clients that allow you to do this such as the Roblox FPS Unlocker and an auto clicker.

Tutorial on how to item clip: Roblox - Item Clip Tutorial - YouTube

How to stop Item Clipping? Well, there really isn’t any way to stop it with building, but there IS a way to stop it with scripts.

Step 1: Put a cooldown on how fast you can equip and unequip a gear.

0.5 seconds should be enough. I sadly don’t have scripting skills and that’s all I can tell you.

Wall Hopping

I’ve already made a separate topic on this, feel free to check it out!

How to Stop Wall Hops (Guide From An Experienced Wall Hopper)


I don’t suggest using invisible cylinders for collisions, it’s a waste of collision performance calculations, it’s probably negligible but if you’re using a ton of them you’re going to notice a performace problem on low-end devices.

Would using a WedgePart work instead?


I’ve never really thought about that, but wedge parts will indeed work! Just make sure to put them in the right position and perfect angle.

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or you could just turn shift lock off

This is a nice tutorial for people who aren’t experienced obby players who don’t know about these things.

Now what’s next? Wedge fling? Laugh glide?

Just kidding, games probably won’t be having people casually laugh gliding that just so happens to break the whole game.

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That really won’t work, you can just zoom in and out and it works just like shiftlock.

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You don’t need shift lock to do it. All you need to do is go into first person:

Also, I use shift lock all the time and if you’re disabling it because you can’t handle a small glitch, you’re messing with user experience for no reason.

I like to laugh glide in a game called Custom Duels, (sword fighting game) I find it funny for people to see me flying around and call me a hacker.


Wait, people actually laugh glide besides the sole reason of just laugh gliding?

There is an easier way to solve glitching through walls.

You can just add a script that draws a ray from a player’s last path to their new path and if they went through a wall they are just teleported back to the last good position.

If you wanna take a look at the resource I made for that you can just look here:


Wedges wouldn’t work if they’re not angled enough. Plus, they have larger hit boxes which would probably confuse players more.