How to test VideoFrame in Studio! (POSSIBLY OUTDATED)

Did anybody elses Anti-Virus stop the download and block the link?

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Sorry I’m maybe stupid but it do not work for me.


Make VideoFrame size {1,0} ,{1,0}

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Whenever I try this, I get this error:

Does this work for Mac or not?

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Good news! It’s finally live! Read the announcement here!

Can’t someone just grab a video off a 18+ site, put that in the content folder and then upload the game and bot it? Although the intentions for making this post are good, the things that people can use with this information isn’t always good.

The video only appears in studio, so it is fine since no one can see it. I guess you can call that your own problem.

Oh, okay. I thought you would be able to upload this to the public

I can see the video when published and other people can too. @Vaelkarr @zachariapopcorn

EDIT: this is for the modded roblox studio my mistake, i thought you were talking about the new update

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When will this be release in Roblox Studio? So other people can see it.

VideoFrames are currently live.

I know that, I kinda ment like when can you make your own videos.