How to test VideoFrame in Studio! (POSSIBLY OUTDATED)

Does it work with mp4 files by any chance?

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I know, I already tested it out and it works.

I don’t think so because I been try it out and nothing seem happen to it. Or maybe I do it wrong way?

Maybe you can try it first

It could work. But, it is better in webm for me

VideoFrames do work, it’s just how you put them, it can be the way you installed it @so1ehee or maybe you missed a step or something, it can work something like that. All you need to do is put the file correctly, make sure it is visible and has a .webm after it; it will help. I’ve attempted around a few times already and it seems to work perfectly fine!

Oh so it also work with MP4 file? because it gonna save my time, I don’t need to convert it and more xd

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No, I’ve tested. Currently only webm.

A quick heads up: BitDefender detects CloneTrooper’s mod manager as malware, I do believe this is a false positive so you might need to disable your anti-virus software if you are having issues. (e.g. files are missing, you don’t have vaild permissions to download/invaild permissions etc)

Any converters to make it a WEBM File?

I just keep getting the error: " Video “rbxasset://visuals.webm.webm” failed to load in “Workspace.Part.SurfaceGui.VideoFrame.Video”: Request failed". Anyone know why?

I had the same error, try putting your webm in the textures folder and do “rbxasset://textures/visuals.webm”

Did it work for you putting in textures folder?

Yeah, some old textures get loaded from the website, that’s why it said Request failed.

For example, if you search “Chat_dn.png” on Google the first result is a classic Roblox image

Ah kk. Ill check it out in a bit! Thanks mate! :slight_smile:

I still get the request failed error…? You know why?

I named it visuals without .webm at end.

Name it “visuals.webm”. If you’re on Windows, do you have file extensions turned on?

I get no error when trying to make the video show up in VideoFrame but it doesn’t work. It is in the content folder but it won’t work, have you got a fix to this?

Put it in the textures folder.

Nope, it didn’t work but I had to enable 2 flags.

[Local Solution :white_check_mark:]