How to track if a player favorite and like the game

Hello, I am trying to achieve what BedWars did in their game. They made a system that can track if that player joins their discord, favorite, and like the game for an EXP boost reward.

How did they achieve this? I looked up many sources, and it doesn’t look like ROBLOX offers any API that tracks it.


For discord you would need to create a verification system that has api that will update roblox (either the verification will POST to roblox or roblox will GET from verification servers). As for finding whether a player has favorited you would need to use api to check if the game is in their favorites page. I dont know about liked. Ill try to find some Api or other devforum posts to help.

If your writing the bot in javascript theres a roblox module called noblox.js you can use, as well i just remembered that bloxlink has some forms of API you can use.


Well I know they use some type of API, but I need to know the specifics.

Favorites can be done here - (Will show all favorited games)

As for Discord, you’ll need a custom bot (or any public bot which does this however I’m unsure of any that do) to communicate to either an external database and paste all verified users. I had something similar like this for a previous project which gave people who boosted a Discord server a server booster overhead tag.

In terms of liking, I don’t think that’s possible. I think Roblox intentionally hides that information from developers for ethics purposes (ie. so you cant go harass someone who disliked your game). If there is an easily accessible API to do this, I was unable to find it.

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The front game BedWars tracked it somehow on the likes though…

I’m not too familiar with Bed Wars so honestly I’m not sure how they’re able to do that as I was under the impression player liking information was privatized to a certain extent, although I could be totally wrong here. Looking on the forums I can’t seem to find anyone who has a solution to that either. Are you 100% sure they’re giving perks for directly liking the game?

You probably want to look at this.

I would like to know the API for Following too. Perhaps the API is for if a player rated the game?

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I got an error saying HttpService is not allowed to access ROBLOX resources.

You need to use a proxy (a server that you request to and then the server requests to Roblox).

From looking at this I would guess they only check favorites since likes and follows are currently hidden.

Isn’t it sharing offsite links which is Discord invite is disallowed in Roblox?

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You can share offsite links that Roblox allow. They allow you to add your X, Discord, YouTube, etc! Important to make sure that if you’re doing this it’s in compliance with PolicyService.

My game got banned for placing Discord invite

Did you make sure that your system met the PolicyService standards, meaning that it wasn’t being displayed to anyone under the requirement age for Discord, as well as any other people who met the blacklist criteria for social apps on Roblox?

How do you (as the Dev ensure you are complying, let alone all of random discord users following Robloxs policies ) enforce all of what you listed?

Is every discord that is linked in via Roblox somehow monitored evenly and everywhere by Roblox?


PolicyService just ensures that your UI/Part/whatever that shows your social links isn’t being shown to users who set their birthdate to a date that would make them under the age of 13! What happens in the actual Discord server is your responsibility to make sure it’s a safe environment for people aged 13+.

You can read more about how to use this here: