How to tween the camera from a character to a different position

Hello, I’m making a ‘bloxburg’ like game, and I’m making the build mode currently. I want to make a cutscene like bloxburg’s when the camera turns and moves in front of the house. I want to make something like that. I’m sure it involves tweening, I’m just not exactly sure. Any help would be appreciated!

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The Roblox Camera (accessed via local script at workspace.CurrentCamera) has a function Camera:Interpolate(CFrame, Focus, Duration) which can handle all the tweening for you. You can find more here:

What you need is the CFrame and Focus, which you can do a few ways. The best way would be to get the CFrame of the house you have, and alter it in a way which looks right to you (if you don’t understand what to change completely, trial and error works well here).

If you want more customisation with your tweens however, I would recommend using TweenService on the Camera CFrame and Focus, but Interpolate is fine for simple tweens.


Thank you :smiley: this is here to go over the character limit