How to update a package across all places in a game, even places created with the CreatePlace API?

I’m creating a game that uses the CreatePlace API, but I want to be able to update the GUI that is used in all of those places without manually going into each place and updating it (I don’t even think you can edit cloned places)
I tried using packages and the auto-update feature in the template place, and the GUI appeared in the cloned places, but when I update the package in the template place, it doesn’t update in the cloned places. I also tried mass-update, but only the template and the start place showed up in the window.


I’ve read the post and I’ve tried auto-update and mass-update, but it actually doesn’t update when teleporting to the cloned places in-game.

I don’t think places opened with the CreatePlace API are supported, oddly enough. They should be. It’s worth testing around to the extent that you can or filling out a Platform Feedback thread for this. I believe it would go under bugs?

On the other hand, it’s not really my business and an unwarranted question, but what kind of game are you making that you’d need CreatePlace?

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I’ll put it under platform feedback, thanks.

And uh,
I’m just trying to make a concept game, basically Minecraft classic but in Roblox.

I don’t think packages are supported with CreatePlaceAPI yet, as seen in this post:

Basically, even with AutoUpdate and MassUpdate enabled, you still have to go into each place and publish said place (Unless I’m missing something). Personally I feel this kind of defeats the whole point of Mass Update.

It would be good if all places within a game could be re-published with the most up to date packages automatically. I have a similar use case to yours.