How to upload high quality Image Labels to ROBLOX?

Long story short, even when I make an Image with the size of 243 x 243 and export it with that exact size on roblox, the image quality goes bad compared to the actual platform it was made on.

Any suggestions?


I always upload images at the largest scale possible (within 1024x1024) and scale the UI to the actual size.


So what Ill do is make the image scale 1024x1024 on paint . net, export it to roblox at that size, and then bring it down to its original size which is however i originally had it?

Oh, you’re using I use that sometimes and mine also come out blurry because I forgot to switch it. Did you have it set to 32-bit?

edit: I think that would help.

I’m actually using Adobe, but I export it to paint . net to resize it because adobe doesnt resize very well.
Anyways, i did the 1024 x 1024 thing, it didn’t go well.

in fact,exporting it at its regular size gave it a higher quality look, but the quality is still not what i want.

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Sadly is kinda pixely and that the only thing I can think of to fix it. Other than using the resize button under “Image” on the left corner but that gets kinda blurry too. Sorry that I couldn’t help. :frowning:


Hello! You may want to change your URL you posted. The destination is a bit creepy…

Oh what the heck. I just noticed that when I clicked it. Strange.

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Dont go large, the larger you go, the more roblox compresses and squeezes the quality out of it.

Instead, look for the size of the UI. You can see it by clicking on the UI which should (from the viewport) tell you in a yellowbackground, what the size is.

Example: 25 x 25.

Get that size, and use that as the template for the pictures you’re using. Then export it out at that size. Then you can use those images. If quality still isn’t enough.

You can try pixel fixing it to get rid of the black outline.

Tutorial w/ pictures if needed as well:


Lol don’t worry. All is good! :+1:

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