How to use body movers?


Can someone tell me how to use body movers and an exemple of it

I’ve searshed in developer hub but I didnt understand anything.

Thanks for reading :smiley:

BodyMovers are, in short, a way to move parts with physics. The parts you’re trying to move will need to be unachored.

The general rule of simulating physics is that simulating physics sucks. You’re probably going to hate working with BodyMovers, and thats okay because so do I. But they can still do some pretty neat stuff.

The two I use the most is BodyGyro, which tries to establish an orientation, and BodyPosition, which tries to establish a position. For example, you put a BodyGyro inside of an NPC and set it’s MaxTorque to, 0, z), so it won’t fall over. If you want a move a part from point A to point B, BodyPosition would most likely be the way to go.

The wiki (linked above) does a pretty good explaining the basic functions of each of the different BodyMovers. However, one gripe I have with the wiki is not explaining P and D very well. In general, its better to have a high P and a low D. These numbers will take a lot of trial and error to come about, so best of luck. Remember that since BodyMovers are really only applying a force, that the mass (size/material) of the part will affect how it reacts.