How to use free textures on parts?

I am a beginner in Roblox Studio and I just got promoted to Member. While, scrolling through the developer forum I found this post : Free Texture Sites

Basically, this post contains some sites where you can get free textures to use in your game. But I can’t find any tutorial showing how to use them. What i want to know is how do you apply them to a part and if they can also be used with the terrain tool.

I hope that you can help me and sorry if it is really simple but I still don’t know a lot of stuff.

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Go to insert object there is a thing called “Texture”. Go to properties and you could customize it there.


Find an image you like, go to this link, and then upload the image that you saved to your computer.


Also, you can adjust how many images are on the texture, So if I want 5 million on the part, size the setting up, but if I only want like 10, I could adjust the setting down. Glad to see you are starting to use textures, they are very handy at times for me.

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@Operation_Blackbird thank you so much!

@Dolphin_Worm thanks. I also found that you can add a decal but i found your way better since you can scale the size up or down like @Golddiamondyay said.

@Golddiamondyay thank you too. I totally agree with you and i think they look so much better and realistic than the default ones.