How to use ROBLOX's game api endpoints?

Howdy everyone, I was just wondering if there was anyone that would be able to tell me how to actually use these API’s in this link in roblox studio? I am currently trying to create a join server option in one of my games, and I searched around and stumbled across this link, but I don’t really know how I could use it to get the information needed to create this server option in my game. I am basically trying to recreate the join server option that is within one of my favorite old games. Basically something that lists out the server’s player thumbnails and offers a join server button for that specific server.

I believe that D8Dev(the creator of the game hyperlinked above) used this to accomplish the server option in his game, I believe it’s something along the lines of using the HttpService to gain information about his certain places, but I don’t know how I would go about implementing that into my game because I don’t know how I would get that information using code within Studio. Does anyone know? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Screenshot of server list option within D8Dev’s game:


Hey! I’d like to inform you I ran into this same issue a long time ago, where I tried contacting Roblox API’s from a Roblox game, this outputs a strange error. And Roblox’s reasoning is they do not want to be DDoS’ed by their own servers ( internal DDoS ). So you unfortunately can’t use Roblox API’s in Roblox games yet, unless you buy webhosting and you get the API information from the hosting, and you get the information from the webhosting in the Roblox game.


You could use a Express Server on Glitch, That returns Roblox’s data. But You would have to code it yourself.

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You could try using messaging service, a beta feature a feature which would be useful in this situation.

It allows you to send data between servers, which you could use to check active servers.


Or you could just a proxy, like, since it pertains to a game querying information from an endpoint. No need to invest.

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