How to use Studio's Script Recovery feature to actually recover your scripts! [Windows and Mac]


As most people know, Roblox Studio has a Script Recovery feature. However, as most people also know, it doesn't have very much functionality other than autosaving your scripts in some faraway land folder and allowing you to see your save, but not use it.

Please note, this tutorial is intended Windows users, so it may not work the same on a Mac.


  1. (Assuming that you’ve already lost a script) Open up the Script Recovery window from the view menu.

  2. Once you’re in script recovery, find and select the script that you want to recover.

  3. Now hover over the selected area with your mouse and take note of the file location shown (the red area is where your COMPUTER username will be).

  4. Now open up File Explorer and click on the star button highlighted below (may appear different, it still the same function).

  5. Type into the box everything up until \tmp\. This will take you to Roblox’s Script Autosave folder. TIP: DON’T FORGET THE C:\ AT THE START!

  6. Once you are in the correct folder, right click your autosave and select Open With.

  7. Next, select More Apps and then click Notepad. This will open up the file as a text file.

  8. Congrats! Now you have an up to date version of your script! You can copy/paste any section you need.

Note that after you have done this process once, pressing the folder icon automatically opens up the file in your notepad:


Please let me know if you've found a better way to do this or a way to do it on other platforms! Also, please comment below if there are any improvements that I can make to the article.

Edit 8/22
See this post for a guide for Mac users:


Thank you, this really helped.


The script recovery feature for me straight up isn’t there on roblox studio. Does this not work on team create? Please help.


It should work on team create as I have just used this method to recover a script that I spent about 3 hours on (which is in a game with team create enabled). When you say script recovery isn’t there for you what exactly do you mean by that? The icon isn’t there? Or maybe it isn’t opening? All up to date roblox studios should have script recovery button above terrain (as seen below)


If it’s still not there you could try reinstalling studio.


thanks, this helped a lot! :smiley:


thank you this post really helped me get my script back now i dont need to rescript it


Im using a Mac, where can i get help and how it work for me?


Please read before asking. The OP said he can’t do it on mac.


This just saved me a full nights worth of work… thank you so much

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Hey! So I am a Mac user as well and I found a similar solution to the post above. Follow the following steps in order to recover the script.

  1. Open “Finder”, go to “Documents” and open “Roblox”

  2. Inside the Roblox folder, you should find a folder named “ScriptAutosaves”. Open the folder, you should find more folders with a weird combination of numbers and letters. Inside those folders, you should be able to find all the scripts that were auto saved.

  • As you can see, the extension of each document is in the format .lua, I couldn’t open it since i had no applications to open these. So, what I did was the following.
  1. Right click the chosen document and press “Open with”, then choose TextEdit. If it doesn’t appear on there, go to “Other…” and scroll down until you find TextEdit. Every Mac user should have that application.

  2. Now it should pop up a window with your script, you’ll be able to copy and paste it into the Studio.


Why does roblox not actually HAVE script recover? It just taunts you with it and forces you to do this stupid long recovery process. The fact that this isn’t a single click or two is absolutely disappointing/pathetic really.


Actually now you can just right click on the script in the Recovery window and click Open File. (At least I can on Mac with VSCode.)
Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 4.46.01 PM
It’s still a little annoying, but it doesn’t take long.

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This tutorial is really useful, because I’ve had a script recovery file that I don’t need which keeps notifying me every time I go on studio - now I can delete it! Thanks!

Edit: However i did just find the close button which wasn’t visible to me before, but still helpful, thank you

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I need some help with this script recovery thing, because for me I can’t clear the script recovery output. Like, I already recovered the script but when I leave it, it says its deleted and when I keep going back into the place to edit it, it errors.