How we grew a 100,000 member group - and how to do the same

Today I have released a tutorial on how we made a 100,000 member Roblox group from the ground up, Jimmy Games, and provide advice on how you could potentially do the same. It’s available on YouTube primarily - which is the way I recommend viewing it for the best understanding of ideas I am presenting, but I have also decided to put the text version here for convenience.

First of all, there’s many stigmas around creating a group (and development in general) which hold developers of all sizes and experience back. Connecting with your playerbase and being authentic is the most important part of growing your community, and that’s what this guide intends to help you with.

1. Make a fun and interesting game.
We made an interesting game which people joined the group from; you’ll get more members from your games than ads on your group will ever get you and it won’t cost you as much if you have a consistent playerbase without constant ads, Doing this and adding perks for players in game for joining the group will give you free group members 24/7.

2. Make a great group logo.
We have a good logo that’s bright and colorful and fits our group. The group logo gives players their first impression of your group so it is crucial to spend a lot of time making this. I just uploaded a great video on YouTube how to design one the other day and you should check it out if you own a group because a good logo helps you get members tremendously!

3. Make a great group description.
We made a great group description that not only gets players to join, whether with our interesting storyline or catchy punchline, but also gets them to stay by listing out the best things people can do in our group and things that they can do to support the group and advance their rank. Also, we made sure to tell people that they can support the group by buying clothing and gamepasses and inviting their friends!

4. Consider adding a backstory to your group in some way.
Something that’s unique to our group and has contributed to our success is the fact that the owner Jimmy has a story behind his Roblox personality. This is a unique thing for our group and I’m surprised that more people aren’t doing this. He’s a character of his own which gives the group a lore and backstory. His brother Benny is his biggest enemy and stole all his plans and is now copying his land game format! Having this story makes people more interested in our group because it gives a lot of life and personality to the group, and it’s fun to participate in this lore.

5. Be unique!
One of the biggest stigmas around Roblox development I see is the high level of professionalism on the outward facing presentation of your group and/or game. I see so many games and groups that look the same to be frank. It’s important that you don’t worry about being too professional and fitting in! Being yourself and just having fun will bring you much more success than tryings to act like a corporation. Remember this is Roblox and most players are just looking to have fun so if your group looks fun people are more likely to join and stay active. A boring company or average Joe Roblox group doesn’t usually look very entertaining. A lot of Roblox developers, mainly larger ones, make this mistake and I don’t blame them because they often times are real companies, but I believe everyone can do this and they need to make sure they are relating with the players!

6. Create roles group members can earn.
It’s great to have roles that your group members can work for or volunteer for. Building a team of passionate community members who help manage your group and keep it active is actually easy because once your group gets some attention you’ll have people dying to help you with your group and they’ll bring. We constantly see people begging to be moderators in our games. Making these roles gives people a reason to be more active in your group and stay longer!

7. Honor top player’s accomplishments with a special role!
It will be very important to players to be honored by the creators of the game making them be more active in your group. People often think that having training and roles that people work for are only for army groups and roleplay groups but really any group can make use of this. Having an easy way for people to get involved in helping with your group will make your community much more active.

8. Host events often and group shout often!
It’s a great idea to host events in your Roblox group because it gets the community active and excited to participate in your group. You can host parties, interviews with random members where they can meet the owners, trainings, and interview sessions. These are just a start to the infinite amount of events you can host. These are fun to run too!

9. Update your games frequently and use your community’s feedback heavily!
Make sure to be vocal about how and where players can give you suggestions. Updating your games keeps players coming back and keeps the game feeling fresh. An update doesn’t have to add much as long as there’s new content to explore or new items to use! Letting your community know that their voices are heard will surely make them enjoy your group more, especially if you use their ideas. Even though our group has over 100k members we always listen to community feedback and read all ideas, and we even use people’s ideas in games all the time.

10. You should partner with other groups and network with other developers.
Partnering with other groups and setting them as an ally will help you both! It’s a lot of fun to work with others and learn from them. You can host events with each other’s groups and doing this will promote each other’s groups giving you both more members. You can also have a lot of fun doing this and learn new things from other people boosting your success. Networking with other groups and developers will also encourage them to get engaged with your projects and you may even get some help from them if you become friends! You also can work together on new projects and get development help to make projects you never could have made on your own.

Thanks for your time reading/watching this. Hopefully it helps you in growing your Roblox group or community. If you have any feedback don’t hesitate to let me know. I’ll be adding images to the text tutorial soon.


May you put a spacing between the points?




Its quite helpful. This is mainly about #marketing and #qa knowledge, and very well said.
However, I do have a small question, and that is, What are the benefits of a massive group?

Groups are useful for a small amount of partners and contributors as you can share the income easier and tax less, but im not too sure what else can it achieve once its massive.

A lot of front page games doesn’t care about their group, as it doesn’t have much benefits, and discussion should be on discord.

So if you could kindly reply that would be amazing! :smiley:


This is a great tutorial and super helpful, but your games!!

Sussy Baka land,
Dababy car something???


Thanks! In our experience, it’s helpful in growing a unique community where players have a central place to find your games, chat, and grow your brand. Players who are active on your group will be first to know about your new projects and you can have some players and feedback immediately on release. For front page games I would agree this definitely isn’t as useful or worth their time (and it may be too hard to manage at that scale with the current state of groups), but this can be extremely helpful for smaller developers who don’t have such a large audience or an extremely engaging game where they have players consistently returning. Also, many users can’t use discord so the group wall comes in handy because we have a lot of members who chat there daily. Chatting on the group wall is a unique kind of engagement that keeps players invested in the group (and therefore our games and all our new projects released) for a long time even though they don’t have the highest production quality. Hopefully this answers your question!

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Just did that. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Trending topics will attract people

A group like BEAR*, actually thats a game, but the group attatched has 200K members, with one good game or two, if you count the alpha

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Sounds like writing a school essay for setting up the group i’ll try it

This is exactly what I would do.

nice, but your group games :skull:


Lol a little mean, but yes. Everyone has different tastes for games, and if this is your thing, it’s something I and everyone else should respect. The point of creating games is having fun, so if players and devs are having fun, I think all is achieved.

From experience, I can tell you more money is made from quality experiences. Pick on somebody down on your own level, not above your own.

I would rather listen to a tutorial from a group owned by somebody more capable.

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I was joking sorry man I do a character for mah group that was JImmy speaking :(((((

I have respect for this reply, however here it seems as though you’re implying you’re better than him so you have the right to speak to him this way?

Also this…

Well anyway, I know where you’re coming from. Just try to lead him on a better ‘‘path’’ I guess. That is if you’re really smarter than him. Try reading my reply above to see what I mean in a deeper sense

You hold a big name and are a representative of something big (I’m saying it in this tone because you do hold a large fan base). Try to act like one as well. It’s ok that you do a bit of trolling but I do also hope you understand me.

it aint nothing we should respect its actually making me question why make a game that looks like a 2nd grader made but then again maturity is out the window nowadays

The james charles one caught me off guard

They are also useful for group games such as Roblox Ryanair (airline group) and Go-Karting Xtreme (Go-Karting roleplay). This is because they allow for players to be assigned to different job roles, such as pilot, supervisor, chef, cashier etc. In other words, a role management system. Depending on the role, the Roblox API can be used to get a players role and allow them into restricted areas (like staff room). You can also allow other roles (like manager) to manage all roles below them, or to moderate group wall.

Around 2015, I remember groups mainly being used for group games (games with staff roleplay)

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Advanced games like Pro Border by Sebee no longer use groups to track ranks
Ty for replying tho

I don’t know why you’re talking about maturity… This is Roblox, aimed at children to create games for other children. Then again, anyone can create whatever but you shouldn’t be surprised if this is what you see on here.