How would I balance an RPG Game?

About the game-
Recently I have started a project for an RPG fantasy styled game similar to Legend of the Bone Sword and Swordburst. The game has been going well but I quickly encountered 1 major issue, the balancing system. Let me explain more.

In the game there are currently these components:

Weapons- They do damage and you can purchase them for gold
Gold- The in-game currency
Mana- This is the “ammo” that staffs and wands use replenished from a fountain for free
Defense- This offsets a certain amount of damage an enemy can do in the form of armor (Enemies also can have defense)
Armors- Different armors have different defense values
Selling- The ability to sell weapons for 100% purchase value
Rank- The level enemies and players can have they affect the damage and health of the player and enemy. As you level up higher, you get more health
Exp - You gain exp from quests and killing enemies
Quests- A way to earn gold, and special items
Arrows- Used in bows, drops from certain enemies

I’m really confused as to how I can balance all the systems in the game such as weapon damage, enemy damage, how much gold an enemy should drop, how much damage a weapon would do, and its cost, etc. Is there some sort of pattern that games follow or a specific way to do this? Any help would be appreciated.

In-game screenshots as a reference.


This isn’t much of a #development-discussion, I’d say put this in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support as it helps out with game design.

What you’ll need to make sure that is if everything is fair for the player.


Locking certain areas to lower levels would be a good start, and if you have a pvp arena of sorts matching players to fight based on level would also be a good idea. My best advice is to get a team of playtesters that can give you a wide range of feedback.


I actually have implemented one of your suggestions. Currently, to progress to the next area you have to be a certain level. I definitely need to find some playtesters, thanks for the feedback.

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