How would I be able to do this VFX

I’ve been trying to do this slash effect, I,ve looked everywhere on the dev forum and everything i found was not reacted to this so i was wondering if anyone knows how to do this and mind telling me how to do it or like the step by step only the vfx.

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There’s several parts to Noobidiah’s work. I obviously don’t know exactly how but I’ve wagered a few guesses and they seem accurate enough. In this case, it seems that the slash arc is comprised of multiple MeshParts with some changes to their size and transparency. Notice how in this frame of the video the slash arc is spawned as the hand comes around to swing the sword:


Move the scrubber very slowly and you’ll see that it rotates slightly and fades out as the swing animation comes to an end. Whenever you’re curious as to how someone made an effect, the best first step you should take is to analyse each frame of the video. It reveals a few of the tricks they use.

Another relevant post you might want to look at:


Thanks for it, ill try this method out and thanks for all your help now i can sleep easy