How would I bypass the light range limit?

I need to bypass this, and I also cannot have multiple parts emit light, because I’m trying to make lightning. Lightning without the light isn’t lightning.

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You can always attach a light into an attachment in a part… and move the attachment out as far as you need. With this method you can have the part emit light and where it ends you have the attachment with another light. Does this make sense?

Uh, no, not really.


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If you put an attachment in a part and then put the point light in the attachment, then you move the attachment out further from the part, your light will reach further than the 60 stud range limit. But you wont have light between the part and the attachment, so u put another point light in the part (not the attachment where there is one already)… this will cover the area that was missing from moving the attachment out from the part.

Edit: read this thread…

If you mean the range at which the light renders then no there is no workaround for this.

Insert as many PointLights as you can

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Like @RMofSBI said, you will need to use attachments. I also recommend raycasting if shadows are required.

There is no way to bypass a light’s range, but I do have a little cheat code. Just make everything smaller. Divide your map’s size by four as well as your characters and material textures. Lights and shadows will seem to expand longer after that.