How would I change the surface color of a part? (Temporary Solution)

The title says it all. “How would i change the surface color of a part?”

For example: I want to change the top surface of a part to red, but keep the other surfaces blue. :How would I go about doing this? I could not figure this out by looking in properties and I also tried searching this online but found nothing regarding it.


I’m not sure if there is another way to do it, but you could try using a SurfaceGUI and a frame. It gets affected by light still but there may be some other trade offs.


What about the material? When adding the frame It appears that it is smooth plastic.

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There isn’t really a way to change the material, however you could try using an ImageLabel with the right decal and changing the image color. Just make sure to set the ScaleType to tile.

If you wanted some textures you could look here:


Okay, thank you for the help! It would be nice to just be able to change the surface color.

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A faster and more efficient solution to this would be to apply a solid white decal to the surface of the part and adjust its Color3 property to the desired colour, as demonstrated in the recording below.


Oh! Well thank you, this helps make it a bit easier to do but still am not able to change the material which is an issue for me. I appreciate this.