How would I create a 'OverTheShoulder' - "lagging" behind camera?

By ‘lagging’ behind, I mean when you move your mouse, the camera turn wouldn’t be instant, but it’d be smooth and I guess a word would be “not-stiff”

With this said, I’d like to keep the default zoom-in (limited so you can’t go first person) & zoom-out.

I tried a few ago and completely flopped it, was jittery, was stiff and overall unuseable.

All help is appreciated!

Using your current code, in place of setting the Camera.CFrame use TweenService. Set the TweenInfo(time) to 0.1 and create a goal with your desired cframe, play the tween and your camera will move smoothly with 0.1 seconds between each step. TweenService | Roblox Creator Documentation

Works well, thank you for the reply!

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