How would I create something like this?

I have seen people do this before, how?


I think this is what it is:

It gives you an example of how it can be used as a camera with just using viewportframes itself,
Essentaily what it does is replicate the surrounds/character every frame or so, basically maybe renderstepped/heartbeat.

It will then copy that to the viewportframe and give it the illusion of something moving.

NOTE: Doing this could be very costly on some devices, I’d advise doing this unless its very important to the game.

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Yup, that person clearly just inserted my model into that place. (Even still has my overlay) Good, since that’s why I made it!

I really want to remake it, because I can do so much better now.


Issue is, most of my games I need to use it in is already made, and if I group, it will break it.