How would I go about adding rail grinding?

Hello! I’m working on a platformer/rpg thing and I’m almost started on the 2nd level. However, the 2nd level has more of a focus on rail grinding due to it taking place underground.

Does anyone know how I’d be able to implement something like that? What are some possible solutions (like would I use raycasts or bodyvelocity or a mixture of both?) I’d prefer a solution that would let me build the rail like, manually cuz I like seeing where things are. :v

Any help will be greatly appreciated, and kudos in advance!

Oh and some extra context just in case someone doesn’t know, but when i say rail grinding I mean something like this

Maybe try looking for posts about moving an object (train or car) along a path or rail.
I would think just off the top of my head, using a render stepped, and setting the characters cframe along a path of predefined points (the rail) with appropriate animation and speed.


Could be a good start, I’ll look into it

I could not find anything ;-;
Do you have anything in mind?

As I said, I would think you could do a render stepped loop

and having the player’s Character’s PrimaryPart (HumanoidRootPart) Anchored = true
You then CFrame the Character (with PivotTo) along a path of points that follow a rail at a set speed.

what about letting the player jump off though? :thinking:

Its just a formula for a ‘jump arc’ should be a way to calculate the arc and just have the character follow that for the jump

Personally, I would use the AlignPosition constraint for a system like this for a more physics based approach


i’m not entirely sure what you mean by that, do you mean like make the jump so that it always follows the same height? If so, then I think it’d might make it a little difficult to have a bit of creative freedom in terms of where you can jump, unless I’m thinking about it completely wrong

that does seem interesting! i’ll see what i can do with that in a bit :thinking:

How would you go about this btw, from what I’ve gathered you would need to physically place an attachment on both subjects :thinking:

You can use raycast to determine the position of the alignPosition that the character needs to be at during the rail grinding.

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