How would I go about creating a chain attack system?

I’ve searched all across ROBLOX and I couldn’t find anything regarding this. I’m trying to create a melee chain attack system, but I have no idea how to start. How would this even work? How would I start this?


Explain more in depth what you want to create.
What does chain attack mean?

Are you after the type of chain attack where it’s triggered by one player and the computer does the chain attack from multiple NPC’s?

Or where it’s triggered by one player and that player controls the attack of multiple characters?

Or a sort of multiplayer chain attack where multiple people on the same team do a coordinated attack in a sequence?

Or none of the above and you’re on about a different type of chain attack?

Naturally you wouldn’t find anything on Roblox about this because this is a very specific case you’re asking for and there isn’t any detailed explanation about what you’re hoping to achieve. For starters, you’re going to need an attack system and then from there it’s figuring out how to get that into a “melee chain attack system”, though I have no clue what that means.

I believe you mean that if one npc is attacked all npcs will react? If so you could do this by checking all the npcs locations and if they are close make them go to the attacked npc.

@and all other responders,
thanks for your replies! I should have made this more clear.

I mean a weapon attack system that would work on user input, e.g. a player clicks once and the weapon swings, the player clicks once in a small time window again and the weapon spins for example. I should have included that in the thread.

I have a friend of mine that has that kind of system, Sadly he’s only online when i’m about to go offline so i’ll try to ask him for you but the chances of him responding with anything are small

Do you mean something like this…?

How I did it was have a list of attacks that would play in sequence everytime the player inputed an attack. I keep track of which animation to play with a number combo variable. If the player does not click within a certain margin of time, (usually around 0.7 - 1 second) the combo variable is reset back to 1. You can also have other ways to cancel animation chains, such as getting hit or dodging (effectively animation cancelling).

I’ve also played around with a Devil May Cry system of chain combos, where you will have to keep track of what inputs the player does. You can also play around with time based chain attack systems,

Eg. If you click your mouse 3 times in rapid succession, your character will perform a fast swing but if you click your mouse 3 times with a slight delay in between, you can initiate a slower but stronger different attack.

I am currently at work but if you need more help, i’ll be back in a few hours.


You’ll need to use the UserInputService module and you can read this helpful article on OnClick to play an animation (like a sword moving if you want to use clicking!).
Click here to read.

Try watching different tutorials on youtube to find out exactly what you need and implement it into the script! :sweat_smile:

Hey I am trying to make a combo system like that how did you make it? Could you provide an example too please.