How would I go about making a CS:GO shooter?


Before I begin talking about this I would like you to know, I am in no way shape or form a scripter. I probably couldn’t turn a part blue with a script.

But, regardless of my inability to script I try my best to develop games. I am really into the action and combat genre and I love making games like them.

I have recently got inspiration to create a CS:GO inspired game (I will make it different than CB:RO and all that with separate game modes)

Only problem is the guns. I have no clue how to make CS:GO style guns and I have scrolled YouTube, looked all over dev forum, and other scripting websites but just cant find what I need.

If anyone has a link to a post, or a video, or just some type of tutorial that could help me out please consider sharing, without it I’m dead in the water without hope of releasing the game. If you don’t, that’s fine but thanks for reading!

(This is my first posted I didn’t know exactly how to word it)

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Well, that’s going to be your first big hurdle and where you should first start working towards learning how to script glad you mentioned it though. If you want to see what a learning process for learning scripting looks like and also opinions on how to learn scripting you should look through these threads:

(My project montage included in this thread lol, see the process I took at the very beginning)

A lot more opinions from other people on how to learn scripting

What should a beggining scripter learn?

Trying to find a way to learn scripting - #10 by ijmod

Where can I learn script? - #11 by xXNovaXx8

TL;DR, use those youtube tutorials for your advantage.

Anyways, once you have some experience I’ll put some resources to help you with making a CS:GO inspired game.

Smoother character movement, if you notice in CS:GO or source games the characters have momentum and can’t just spam jump and zig zag dodge move like in Roblox. This thread should help.

General FPS Resources, for handling the first person of an FPS.

Now onto the main thing CS:GO style guns.

Yeah, you can’t always rely on tutorials like AlvinBlox to make your game if you have realized at this point (One of the criticisms of his tutorial-based methods).

So at this point we gotta use Mr Google to study how CS:GO guns work:
Here is a video on the recoil patterns of CS:GO

If you have noticed the spread is always the same as it is a recoil pattern-based system. So if we know how to make a spread then we would know how to make this spread be consistent so yeah.

This is a method to make spread based on random vector 3.

You will have to find a way to make this spread be not random and fixed which you can figure out ways after studying scripting and the tools you obtain in the process like for loops, tables to store recoil patterns and such.


In my opinion I don’t think you should attempt to make a gun framework if you’re brand new. Personally, I would recommend that you learn a fair bit of lua so you can understand how to go about making such things.

But since you asked. Heres a good tutorial by BlackShibe on how to make a FPS framework.

Nvm dthecoolest is faster than my mobile typing skills ;o

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You may want to read this article if you want to create CS styled movement (which I would consider one of the most important mechanics in the entire game).

CB:RO uses the default character controller. You can’t really counter-strafe which means the only way to kill something reliably is to stand still for a second and then shoot. You could make your game much more entertaining and less frustrating to play by implementing CS styled movement.