What should a beggining scripter learn?

I recently just learned to use:

RemoteEvents / Functions
If statements
DataStores (a little bit)
And other stuff that a beginner scripter would know.

What other stuff is there to learn?


It sounds like you got most of the basic stuff done. Since you said a little on datastore. I would suggest watching alvin bloxs tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkYupSBUpes&t=648s definitely want to learn that since people love there saving stuff

  • Variables and constants (Quite basic)
  • Strings/ String Manipulation
  • Data Types – Boolean, strings, integers ect
    And also remember to work on debugging!

I personally recommend reading the Roblox Developer API and navigating through the DevForum rather than watching Youtube videos because many people that do rely on Youtube don’t soak up all of the information thoroughly and end up copying the code. Of course you can copy code from pretty much anywhere, but I found it to be much more convenient with Youtube videos :slight_smile:

Furthurmore, I would suggest you touch up on these topics:

  • Basic Roblox Physics

  • In depth touch up on Variables

  • Tables (This is extremely important considering Lua is pretty much reliant on using tables.)

  • Client vs. Server (Many beginners don’t understand the dynamics between the client and the server which is incredibly useful for just about every situations (e.g exploitation prevention, when to show data on the client and when to show data to the server)


This is the order that i comfort with:

-Variable and print statement
-String and manipulation
-While loops,For loops,repeat loops